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Interviews, Guest Blogs, & Podcasts

Find links to interviews, guest blog posts, and podcast appearances below.

Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli, Character is Everything, May 2013

Paul Cude, Author interview…Theresa Snyder, October 2013

Richie Earl, One Thousand Worlds Author Interview, October 2013

Massimo Marino, Getting Personal…with Author Theresa Snyder, January 2014

Katherine Lowry Logan, Interview with Theresa Snyder & Farloft, January 2014

Cheri Matthynssens, My Interview with an Author and a Dragon, Meet Theresa Snyder and Farloft, February 2014

A.J. Hoge, The Effortless English Show – Reading and Writing, YouTube Broadcast, April 2014

Cherrie McKenzie, Author Theresa Snyder: Fun, Fantasy and Farloft, Podcast, July 2014

Charlotte Ashlock, The Dragon, the Girl and the Twitter: A True Story of Portland and Magic September 2014

Pamela Davis, Don’t Lose Yourself October/November 2014

Lisette Brodey, Chat with Theresa Snyder, November 2014

Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, Pen & Ink Debate Fiction vs Non-fiction, November 2014

Multnomah County Libraries, Fairview Library Reading YouTube, January 2015

Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, Pen & Ink Design a World, February 2015

Lanie Adams, Dragon Saturday, February 2015

The Ron Shaw Show, ArtistFirst Interview with Theresa Snyder, Podcast, March 2015

Cherrie McKenzie, CoActive Dreams, Farloft Author Does a Writers Master Class Podcast, July 2015

Alexia Stevens, A Visit from Author Theresa Snyder and Farloft, September 2015

Effrosyni Writes, Interview with fantasy author, Theresa Snyder October 2015

Artist First, The Ron Shaw Show, Ron Shaw Show – Author Interview Podcast, November 2015

Iona Morrison, The Snyder Christmas Tree Guest Blog Post, November 2015

Ursula Lygarlis, Theresa Snyder Interview, January 2016

Ursula Lygarlis, >More About Theresa Snyder, January 2016

J.D. Estrada, Writer’s Wednesday: Theresa Snyder, January 2016

Writing Paula Rose, Theresa Snyder shares why a Scifi author wrote “We 3” a Much Needed Book, April 2016

Don Massenzio, 20 Questions with Theresa Snyder, June 2016

Fairy Tale Access, The Farloft Chronicles, June 2016

Sherry Rentschler, Meet the Author—Theresa Snyder, June 2016

Silver Beans Café, Meet The Author – Featured Author Theresa Snyder, June 2016

WR Miller, Meet the Dragon that Tweets, June 2016

Lexi Miles, Character Interview—Farloft the Dragon, July 2016

Silver Beans Café, Meet the Author—Featured Author: Theresa Snyder, December 2016

Script Alchemy, Interview with Farloft, December 2016

Lisa Caskey, Spaced Out—Author Interview with Theresa Snyder, February 2017