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We 3

A Chronicle of Caregiving

We 3

A Chronicle of Caregiving
Are you a Baby Boomer Caregiver? Are you being cared for by your adult children?

We 3 is a collection of stories – sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious, always authentic – about a baby boomer caring for her aging parents.

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“There are many audiences for books of this type. People will read Ms. Snyder’s work for: comfort from the feeling of aging, reflection of family closeness, to cope with caring for a loved one, and so much more.”

– Travis Adams Irish

“I recommend this book! Theresa’s collection of essays on living with her parents as their adult caregiver shed light on the ups and downs of re-combining the family unit after years spent apart.”

— JKMohr

“The stories are charming, funny, thoughtful and informative for many of us who have, or will, taken care of our aging family.”

— Marsha A. Schauer